About SharePoint

SharePoint is a multi-purpose web based tool that business of all sizes will use to increase productivity. Its main goal is the storage and management of business data. Once this data is stored within SharePoint, we can then perform a wide array of functions including:

Web Portals/Company Intranets

At the heart of SharePoint is a web site generator, we can create: Secure websites, company Intranets, public facing websites, business team websites and project based websites to name a few. These websites are easily customisable by super users simply switching the page to edit mode (functionality only available to super user) and adding/removing components by way of drag and drop or by editing page text by typing directly on the page. The newly edited page is then published.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate (documents, spread sheets, PDF's and so on) within your organisation but instead of the using the shared drive file share system, we can store our files on SharePoint websites where we can easily attach security, auditing, descriptive data, and workflow process to these files.


Information within SharePoint can be searched upon again through the use of websites; if you can use Google search then you will find SharePoint Search a similar experience. The main difference is that in SharePoint, users will not see websites/documents that are secure in their search results.

Systems Integration

SharePoint can extract that is data stored in other Microsoft Databases as well as from third party software systems such as SAP and Oracle. We can even write our own interfaces into any products that have an API Layer

Workflow Engine

To explain how the workflow engine can be used, we will use the example of an employee submitting requesting holiday leave from his manager. Usually, he would find the 'Holiday Leave' form on the company hard drive, print it out, fill it out and then go to his manager to get it approved. The form would then be handed to the office secretary, who would update the rotas.
With SharePoint workflow, we could automate this process using a web based form would collect the employee holiday details and submit them to the manager. The manager would then receive an email and would be able to approve or reject the holiday request via the email. If rejected the employee would be notified via email, if approved, the secretary would receive an email detailing the holiday approval. The secretary would then click a button to update the employee rota. The workflow engine can be used to rapidly automate even the most complex business process.

Business intelligence

SharePoint also has a series of components that can display real time performance reporting from any System (SAP,Oracle,Excel etc.). We can then push the data to real time reports and dashboards using PowerBI

Social Networking

Social networking sites give SharePoint users a personal website where they can store and manage your documents, work-lists, calendars, organisational and personal information.

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